We handle only labor, employment and benefits matters.

This includes representing employers in state and federal court, before administrative and quasi-judicial agencies, and in negotiations, arbitrations and union organizing campaigns.


Our attorneys provide a diverse range of counseling and training in areas of the law such as discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour issues, Family and Medical Leave Act, HIPAA and reductions-in-force. The attorneys provide hands-on assistance and guidance in the event of government audits, strike and other daily crises.

Our broad spectrum of clients includes non-profit agencies and industries including finance, insurance, publishing, transportation, manufacturing, health services, construction, food products and retail stores.

Zabell & Collotta, P.C. is built on these core principles:

Trials Matter

While the filing of a lawsuit marks the start of a case, our firm does not believe it will end there. Our cases and consistent verdicts are proof that our firm has the ability, resources and the wherewithal to litigate your matter through to verdict. While not every case goes to trial, you need to select a law firm that has the ability to litigate in the courtroom if that is where your case ends up. Our cases have received attention in virtually every major news outlet. Our courtroom experience and record is second to none.

The Power of Reputation

Because we have a reputation for routinely litigating cases through to verdict, in many instances, we are able to leverage that reputation to settle cases early on in the litigation process, without the need for a lengthy trial. The threat of an extensive litigation with a firm that does not shy away from trial can be all that is needed to obtain a confidential settlement by negotiated agreement. Our firm has secured millions of dollars in settlements before trial.


You are Not Just Another Number

The practice of law is important. The wrong choice of counsel can have tremendous financial ramifications. We recognize that we are only as good as our client experiences. We do not exist to churn out volumes of work without regard to outcome. We are result-oriented and know that you will judge us on that basis. Consequently, we are selective in choosing clients. We start by listening and by explaining. We partner with you in the handling of your case to ensure that you experience the same high level of commitment from the beginning of your matter through its conclusion. Whether your case goes to trial or is settled, the Zabell & Collotta, P.C. team will ensure you will have achieved the most favorable possible outcome.

Zabell & Collotta, P.C. represents companies, owners, and executives as well as current and former employees in all types of employment law matters. Because of our experience in successfully litigating class action, multi-plaintiff and individual plaintiff discrimination, harassment, whistleblower, wage-and-hour and related lawsuits, we have developed a reputation as aggressive and exhaustive litigators, driven to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

The written decisions courts have issued as a result of the efforts of the Zabell & Collotta, P.C. team are routinely cited throughout the legal community in legal briefs, by other attorneys, as well as in judicial opinions. Our cases are discussed at legal seminars and are written about in law review articles and other periodicals. The effect of these decisions reaches far beyond the New York regional area.

In addition to our litigation practices and results, we spend significant time providing employment law counseling to both companies and individuals. This includes internal investigations, formal written advice and advising on workplace policies and practices, employee handbooks, employment contracts, severance agreements, executive compensation packages, and other employment-related agreements and/or documentation.